Shampa Dhar-Kamath

Unfaithfully Yours

A step forward or a step back?

There were two bits of good news for Indian men last week. First, Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi asked the National Commission for Women (NCW) to create a ‘window’ in its online co

30 Jul 2017

Playing the old song on the Radio

Music doesn’t just make you go down memory lane, it makes you sprint down it.

23 Jul 2017

Turn the invisible into the visible

Urban India’s political majority serves its economic minority. The two may seem to live together peaceably, but the relationship is anything but peaceful, or equal.

16 Jul 2017

Reality doesn’t just bite, it smells

That does it. I’m taking Otrivin off my monthly shopping list.

09 Jul 2017

It’s darkest before an early dawn

Maybe this winter, Sara Elwin will be able to go out to play when she gets back from school.

25 Jun 2017

Do ‘appricate’ my resume. It rocks.

Hiring may be serious business but reading résumés has its light moments.

18 Jun 2017

Love means not saying sorry shoddily

Erich Segal couldn’t have been more wrong.

11 Jun 2017

Giving a leg up to the ladies

Why are women’s legs taboo in India? Why is baring your midriff all right in mixed company, but not your knees? Why is it ok to wear a saree even if it comes with a hanky masquerading as a blouse, but

04 Jun 2017

‘97%? Excellent. How did the others do?’

The CBSE and ICSE boards’ Class 10 and 12 results are being declared this weekend. So, I’m told, are some of the state boards’ results.

28 May 2017

If matter is in form, does form matter?

For the umpteenth time this year, The Guardian has published an exultant article on how books are back, trumping e-readers and cocking a snook at the latter’s technodazzled supporters.

21 May 2017

The good, the bad and the dirty harry

It’s the sixth anniversary of our Delhi weekend paper, The Sunday Standard. It’s also six years since I began writing this column.

16 Apr 2017

Make black a colour in the Camlin box

Idiocy is anything but racist. It affects people of all colours and races equally, and sometimes with such ridiculous outcomes that one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

09 Apr 2017

Bigotry, unlike beauty, is not skin deep

Black is certainly not beautiful in India. Chatting in a Mumbai café, a Sudanese student sitting at the next table told my friend that the first ‘Indian’ word he learnt was a pejorative ‘Kallu’.

02 Apr 2017

When a flight of fancy crashlands

Addiction is bad, be it to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or sex. But what if your crutch is something you don’t even consider an addiction? Like entitlement?

26 Mar 2017

Curious case of the $10-million comma

What’s in a comma? About $10 million, it seems.

19 Mar 2017

Needed: poll to find out what India wants

If any further proof was needed of India’s diversity, it came on Saturday.

12 Mar 2017

Girls can’t wanna have fun

We didn’t really need science to enlighten us.

26 Feb 2017

Off with the guillotine of guilt

Guilt has “quick ears” to accusation even when it’s not articulated, even if it emanates from deep within oneself.

19 Feb 2017

When in doubt, edit out

The best thing my parents did for me was something they actually did for themselves: buy and read books non-stop, and leave them all around the house.

12 Feb 2017

Are we the tools of our tools?

Technology was supposed to help man, but it’s taken on a Mr Hyde role of hindrance instead

05 Feb 2017

Rich beyond the dreams of avarice

A friend said something very interesting the other day. She said she wouldn’t know how to spend a billion dollars even if the money was handed to her.

29 Jan 2017