Karamatullah K Ghori

The Nawaz drama has just begun

The JIT report on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s business empire could spell doom for Pakistan’s first family

13 Jul 2017

Sharif and the Saudi rogue crisis

With Arab states ganging up against Qatar, does the Pakistan PM have the guts to stand up to his Saudi mentors?

21 Jun 2017

A Calculated Saudi Snub to Pakistan

With US President Trump on their side, the Saudis are telling their hireling Nawaz that they don’t need Pakistan anymore

02 Jun 2017

How Pak ran afoul of its neighbours

Pakistan’s ties with India have long been strained. Now its relations with Iran and Afghanistan have turned rocky

15 May 2017

Whose word is the law in Pakistan?

Musharraf’s revelation about former army chief Gen Raheel Sharif shows how the levers of raw power work in Pakistan.

28 Dec 2016

Qatari twist to Pak PM's panama woes

Sharif clan’s earlier narrative explaining how it acquired expensive London flats has been hit by a royal bombshell

02 Dec 2016

Pakistan, brace yourself

India can relax about Trump’s presidency.But Pakistan doesn’t have the luxury, it should keep its fingers crossed

14 Nov 2016

Is one leak too many for Nawaz Sharif? 

At a time when Pakistan’s ties with India are at their nadir, Prime Minister Sharif faces major political turmoil at home

27 Oct 2016

Is Islamabad being isolated, really?

A Pakistani perspective on Kashmir and terror

28 Sep 2016

Existential threat to Pakistan

The anti-Taliban dragnet may have chased terrorists out of the tribal hinterland, but some have found refuge in urban areas

18 Aug 2016