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Why do women get sexually assaulted? It’s a display of power, reveals NIE survey

We conducted a survey, both online and in person by recording videos, to get a pulse of the people and to get them to examine their own beliefs about women and their roles in society.

31 Jan 2017

Protests against ban on Jallikattu at Marina beach, Chennai. Express Photo.
Jallikattu protests on the Marina: Crowds swell on day 3, ultimatum issued

An extensive Jallikattu protests' coverage that captures minute details of the people and their sentiments.

19 Jan 2017

The late Cuban President Fidel Castro. (File photo | AP)
A 90-year timeline: 'Socialism or death' remained Fidel Castro's rallying cry

A walk-through the revolutionary Cuban icon's life.  

26 Nov 2016

US Election 2016: The genesis and the thereafter of Clinton and Trump

Birth, college, public life, marriage, children and grandchildren- walk through the lives of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

04 Nov 2016

Pulse of paradise: A fatigue-tinged Eid brings respite in Srinagar

Wednesday was the second day of Eid, which is celebrated over two and a half days here. It has been a strange kind of Eid, a festival after two months of violent clashes and a celebration under the ti

15 Sep 2016

PV Sindhu: Stargazers journey to stardom, on and off the badminton court

As a kid she was nervous and unable to control tears in the face of defeat. To receive Padma Shri, she needed special exemption from exams.

02 Sep 2016

Sakshi Malik: Pioneer next door

Sakshi Malik isn’t just a wrestler. She is a champion of women’s rights & embodiment of what they can do against towering odds

02 Sep 2016

Dipa Karmakar: Homegrown wonder

Effort spectacular, journey from Tripura to medal reckoning in Olympic gymnastics even more so.

02 Sep 2016

Daughters of India: How Sindhu, Sakshi and Dipa became game changers at the Rio Olympics

Sindhu, Sakshi & Dipa’s swim against the tide will encourage girls to break stereotypes and confront the unchallenged

02 Sep 2016

Sugarcane fields sap the life of Krishna

137 dams dot the basin, but 4 riparian states along Krishna wage internecine wars to appropriate every drop, for water is priceless here

23 Aug 2016

How and Wai the Krishna becomes the Ganga

From pristine brook to putrid pool, the Krishna comes but a short way

21 Aug 2016

Rivers of filth flow into the Krishna at Sangli

Like the Ganga, the Krishna is believed to be a cleanser of sins, and therefore receives a fair share of the remains of human lives.

21 Aug 2016

From Jor to the sea: The journey of a hindered River Krishna

Really, where’s the Krishna born? In one gushing torrent springing from the earth? Or in multiple streaks of water draining down the hills around…

21 Aug 2016

From Aylan Kurdi to Bhopal baby, photographs of children that made the world cry a thousand tears

An image of an apathetic situation evoking empathy is perhaps another way of defining irony.

20 Aug 2016

A shutterbug zooms in on birds in Chennai's concrete jungle

Chennai is a good place to be if you take an interest in birds. The city and its outskirts attract a wide variety of the feathered creatures. There is,…

19 Aug 2016

The Krishna is revered, but also trapped and enslaved

Just like the Ganga, Yamuna, the Krishna is revered but also trapped, enslaved and defiled by what we call development.

19 Aug 2016