A dark  trade: the thriving beef Indian beef mafia

Even though India has ‘banned’ cow slaughter in most parts and vigilantism is on the rise, the meat mafia is thriving, especially for the Bangladeshi beef market. And for the holy cow, it’s just anoth

(From left) Sam C Maliyil, Abraham Oomman, and Minoo Verghese with their ancestral boat (EPS | Albin Mathew)

Racing ahead against time

A Kerala family gives a new lease of life to their 91-year-old snake boat JaiShot and its competitive tradition by renovating it.

Midas, Cloning and the quest for eternal life

Midas, king of Phrygia, was granted a boon by Bacchus: Whatever the king touched, would turn to gold.

From Rakshaks to Rakshasas: when mythology is misunderstood and misused

The present mythology boom is not the worst thing to have happened to Indian publishing since an IIT/IIM graduate gave up a career in banking to take up writing.

Timelessness of a classic

What makes a classic, a ‘classic’?  How is it that some novels, plays or films have a tremendous impact when first experienced, but over the years appear dated, and do not stand the test of time? 

A scene from Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq
Isac Kehimkar (Picture: Arun Jetlie)

Float like a butterfly

Post-retirement, India’s very own ‘Butterfly Man’ has now taken up the task of popularising gardens dedicated to the species.

Rhyme of a princely tale

A British-Indian’s movie on Maharaja Duleep Singh tells the king’s  story like a Shakespearian tragedy from Punjab’s perspective

Earn your entry to exclusive addresses

Developing economy and growing businesses are gradually changing the definition of some elite and posh private clubs in India.