A dark  trade: the thriving beef Indian beef mafia

Even though India has ‘banned’ cow slaughter in most parts and vigilantism is on the rise, the meat mafia is thriving, especially for the Bangladeshi beef market. And for the holy cow, it’s just anoth

(From left) Sam C Maliyil, Abraham Oomman, and Minoo Verghese with their ancestral boat (EPS | Albin Mathew)

Racing ahead against time

A Kerala family gives a new lease of life to their 91-year-old snake boat JaiShot and its competitive tradition by renovating it.

Tough weak ahead.... with a precocious kid for company!

Four-year-old Gina has a brand new set of bright green alphabet blocks. Each of the four blocks has a single letter on each of its six sides.

Knock out the knee ache

Busting the myth that walking aggravates joint issues, doctors urge people to make it a regular habit as it builds muscles and takes pressure off joints.

Walkathon orgainsed by People Tree Hospital at Chris in Bengaluru

Four significant indicators of a Text

Any publication of our traditional books contains four significant indicators to it.

In energy lies oneness

Being energetic means different things to different people.

Insecure pseudo intellectuals stoking campus unrest

A planned, deliberate exercise is being undertaken by sections of frustrated, desperate and ideologically isolated faculty and students to denigrate and destabilise prestigious educational institution

Values of love and righteous conduct can curb violence

Violence and terrorism are on the rise all around, and the sense of insecurity and apprehension impacts one and all.