A dark  trade: the thriving beef Indian beef mafia

Even though India has ‘banned’ cow slaughter in most parts and vigilantism is on the rise, the meat mafia is thriving, especially for the Bangladeshi beef market. And for the holy cow, it’s just anoth

(From left) Sam C Maliyil, Abraham Oomman, and Minoo Verghese with their ancestral boat (EPS | Albin Mathew)

Racing ahead against time

A Kerala family gives a new lease of life to their 91-year-old snake boat JaiShot and its competitive tradition by renovating it.

Ratna Pathak Shah in the film

Lipstick under my Burkha: The bold and  the beautiful

The four actresses and director talk about how the film explores women’s desires and their liberation.

The Dragon’s thunder and lightning across the border signifies nothing

A greements in foreign policy often have a gestation period before the covert becomes overt and ramifications start unravelling.

New act fails to save disabled workers from getting fired

Srikanth Bolla, CEO and founder of Bollant Industries and first international blind student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had once said:

Cook, Eat, Love: representing their motherland in kitchens

It’s the year of the home chef and there is only one criteria: the food has to be delicious and authentic.

Series electro-acupuncture helps fight Poliomyelitis

Its application according to distribution of channels and collaterals helps clear them and allow flow of qi.

Modi Govt’s border policy appears to have rattled China

Few Indians have heard of the Doklam Plateau located astride the borders of Tibet, Bhutan and India’s Sikkim.